5 Candy Types With Totally Unappealing Names

I scream, you scream, and we all scream for…wait, that’s the incorrect kind of food! Okay, I’ll admit that I do scream for candy on occasion.

If confectionery were designed in the shape of a human brain, would you still be interested in eating it? What about a ball of the eye? How about a frog that looks as realistic as possible, replete with slime?

The idea of making confectionery with a gruesome theme is not new. It has been popular among children for many years, since since they discovered that it was enjoyable to consume gummy bugs, worms, eyes, and a variety of other things that are not really palatable. Let’s take a look at five different kinds of confectionery that are based on concepts that are completely repulsive to us.

5. Chocolate Soap Bars

Do you even need me to explain what exactly is so problematic about this? Hello – In the past, there have been negative repercussions associated with the practice of modeling children’s candy after soap, household supplies, and various other commodities. But I have to confess that I am already thinking of the jokes that could be played with this candy soap. Does chocolate produce foam in the same way that soap does? It does dissolve, and I can already imagine the results of it happening.

On the other hand, this would be a wonderful addition to someone’s gift basket if you were giving it to them. If, that is, they find it enjoyable to be confused about which thing is which and to smell like chocolate.

4. Gorilla Boogers

The thought of gorilla boogers is making my mouth water like crazy right now. No, these are actually quite unattractive, and judging on the feedback I’ve seen on several websites, they don’t have a very pleasant flavor either! They are produced from black beans that have been dried and then sweetened. According to the evaluations that can be found online, they have a flavor that is comparable to that of dirt. And the candy has a flavor that is really reminiscent of earth. So, I suppose that wraps things up.

3. Candy Toilets

Who thinks of these ridiculous ideas? This one is completely out of the question. Candies in the john! It is intriguing to think about putting a piece of candy on a stick and then dipping it into the miniature toilet. It’s probably just part of human nature to behave in strange ways, and I’m not an exception to that rule. On the scale of gross but gets me inquisitive, this one receives a score of four out of five.

2. Ant Candies

Ant Candies Admittedly, whenever I think about ants, the first thing that comes to my mind is candy, because ants are drawn to the sugary substance. I will freely admit that I do not comprehend the desire to consume insects. Insects, in my opinion, are not among the best foods to consume; therefore, I don’t understand why people do it. I suppose that pulling a scary prank using this concept could be fun. This one doesn’t seem to have very lot going for it to me.

1. Ear Wax Candy

I cannot say for certain whether or not this one requires an explanation. This candy is presented in a dish in the shape of an ear, and it has a texture and appearance that are identical to those of ear wax. A wonderful present idea for the medical professional in your life, especially an ENT specialist! Having said all of that, the information presented here does have some utility for teaching children about the inner workings of the ear; however, parents and teachers should always stress the importance of preventing children from inserting foreign objects into their ears.

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