5 Candy Types With Totally Unappealing Names

I scream, you scream, and we all scream for…wait, that’s the incorrect kind of food! Okay, I’ll admit that I do scream for candy on occasion.

If confectionery were designed in the shape of a human brain, would you still be interested in eating it? What about a ball of the eye? How about a frog that looks as realistic as possible, replete with slime?

The idea of making confectionery with a gruesome theme is not new. It has been popular among children for many years, since since they discovered that it was enjoyable to consume gummy bugs, worms, eyes, and a variety of other things that are not really palatable. Let’s take a look at five different kinds of confectionery that are based on concepts that are completely repulsive to us.

5. Chocolate Soap Bars

Do you even need me to explain what exactly is so problematic about this? Hello – In the past, there have been negative repercussions associ