A Greenifying “Gumball” Machine? Yes, it’s True!

You, along with the majority of the rest of us, probably remember the days when gumball machines actually contained gum. I’m willing to bet that you have never seen a gumball machine that dispensed “seed bombs,” despite the fact that many people have gotten creative with their gumball machines, substituting other candies or small toys for gumballs. You may be wondering, what exactly is a seed bomb. A seed bomb is a small nugget of seed and compost that has been compressed into a ball. Consumers are encouraged to disperse the seed bombs they receive from the retrofitted gumball machine shown in this image into areas of urban blight.

A design company in the community came up with the concept in order to contribute to the improvement of the surrounding area. An individual may choose to plant the seed bomb in a crevice in the pavement, toss it to the side of the road, or simply abandon it in the middle of a park. After a few days have passed, out will sprout vibrant flora and fauna that is representative of the surrounding environment.

If you have a spare gumball machine lying around, it’s not a terrible idea to put “seed bombs” in it, even though we would never recommend doing so in any other circumstance. Even if you have to make some adjustments to be able to store the larger seed bombs, this could be a fun activity to do over the summer. For the time being, we suggest that you limit your candy consumption to gumballs and other candies of a comparable size. After all, candy continues to perform better than seed bombs in terms of sales.

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