Be a Gumball Wizard with Wizard Gumball Machines

You are a vendor, and we have some fantastic news for you: if you have a great location like a shopping mall or plaza, we have a location for you. Using the 2″ Wizard gumball machine, also known as the Wonder Wizard, you can now take on the role of the gumball wizard. Customers are drawn to the Wonder Wizard in a very literal sense. The two-inch gumballs, also known as super balls, are a fan favourite among the vast majority of children as well as adults. The Wonder Wizard is a gumball machine that stretches across four feet and beckons customers to “come hither.” This monster beckons you forth like a beacon in the night with promises of delicious candy and fantastically fun bouncy balls. It also boasts a sleek black frame that sports neon spiral rails that usher the products down in an eye-catching manner.

Increases in the Profit Margin

Wizard gumball machines in general have always been leaders in the vending machine game with gumball machines that are both aesthetically pleasing and very well constructed. This is because Wizard gumball machines are known for their superior construction. They are also well-known for the excellent prices that they offer on everything from gumball machine refills to gumball machines themselves. This, of course, results in a larger margin of profit for those who sell gumball machines. However, their machines are not the only thing that can be said to sell themselves. Wizard has always offered a fantastic product line of refills that stand out on their own and garner a lot of attention.

Products That Are Insanely In Demand

Take, for instance, the extremely bouncy balls as an example of a product that captures people’s attention. They are available in a variety of sizes and have some amusing patterns on them. There is one that is designed to look like an eight ball and it is extremely common. Similar to the agate marbles that we used to collect as children when we were younger, some of them come in dazzling colours and feature eerie eyeballs or swirls of colour embedded within the transparent ball. Wizard gumball machines are the best at what they do.

Monster Sized Gumballs

What use is a gumball machine if it doesn’t have gumballs to dispense? The monster-sized gumballs are some of the freshest product that any vendor will have available at the time of your purchase. The flavours are equally as enticing as the out-of-this-world colours that it possesses. In point of fact, they offer gumball refills that are shaped like the fruit flavour that they advertise. These refills are 2 inches in diameter. That certainly qualifies as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make a sale.

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