Crazy Candy Crafting

Everything that can be described as “cute” or “kitschy” is extremely popular in Japan. The candy industry is not an exception to this rule, and one of the most popular types of candy making kits for children and teenagers is one that makes miniature candies.

What exactly is meant by the term “miniature candy”? Doesn’t candy already come in a smaller size? It’s possible that’s true, but the candy that we’re going to talk about today is inspired by other foods, such as sushi, chicken dinner, and even pizza.

It is now possible for anyone to make a pizza out of candy by employing ingenious candy making techniques, a little bit of patience, some water, and possibly some chemicals that are unknown to science. Listening to the crinkle of the plastic kit and the swooshing of the spoon in this video provides an odd sense of calm and relaxation, despite the fact that the video is strangely silent and lacks a narration. Have a look:

We are fully aware that the flavour of this is most likely not very appealing. However, anything that has been shrunk to that great a degree wins points in our book for being cute. In addition to that, it suggests an original project that could be done with younger children.

There are additional ways that candies can be used when doing crafts with your children. Take, for instance, this gumball snowman as a point of reference:

There is always the tried-and-true gingerbread house, of course…

But what about a stadium made entirely of gingerbread?

Because there are so many distinct possibilities when it comes to crafting with candy, you will quickly find that you need to purchase candy in large quantities. A further perk is that you can give the results to members of your family as presents, or even sell them at local flea markets and farmer’s markets if you so choose. This is a surprisingly popular type of crafting, and we believe that all children will find this activity to be naturally interesting. Even if they don’t get to eat it at the end, the time they spend doing something they enjoy is still valuable. Hey, quality time spent is quality time spent no matter what.

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