Gumball Machines for Doctor Offices

One of my friends works in paediatrics. I had to make a quick stop in her office once, and I do not know if you have ever encountered a situation like this, but the children there were so loud that I could not wait to leave the building. She claims that it is much more challenging now that she has children. When you are dealing with adults, you won’t run into issues like this very often because they understand that what you are doing is for their own good most of the time. However, the children do not understand this and believe that they are being punished because they have to go to her office.

I am aware that she has tried everything, including painting the walls with colourful pictures, purchasing colourful children’s books, toys, and cartoons; however, there are some children who are unable to stop thinking about the unpleasant pokes and shots, and nothing seems to be able to entertain them. This was the case up until the point where she purchased a gumball machine. She was able to get her hands on the most advanced and convenient vending machine money could buy. She came back to see me afterward and could not stop gushing about how much fun this gum ball machine is not only for children but also for adults like herself and other adults.

The children are so preoccupied with the flavorful gumballs in bulk that come in a variety of vibrant colours that they forget about the discomfort they are in and their fear of the doctors. In the past, before she had purchased this gumball vending machine, she and the parents of the children had to brainstorm a variety of different things that they needed to guarantee their children in order for them to come into the office. However, children frequently did not buy their stories and insisted that they receive their reward first before they would give up their secure chair. They will be able to collect their reward from the gum ball machine both before and after the examination for being well behaved and listening to the instructions given by the doctor and their parents.

She was so pleased with the gum ball machine and the new atmosphere inside her office that she mentioned thinking about purchasing another one of the healthy vending machines, or some that offer snacks, toys, stickers, or perhaps temporary tattoos for children. She also mentioned that she was considering purchasing a machine that dispenses temporary tattoos.

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